Support Services for Adults

Here at Warrington Community Living, delivering bespoke support and working towards positive outcomes – however large or small those might be – is our passion.

We support adults of varying needs and abilities to be active citizens and live life to the fullest. When it comes to our support packages, we are completely led by the person who requires support, because one-size-fits all isn’t how we do things. Every individual is different, so the support they receive should be too.

The people we support can rest assured that we will respect their individuality, understand their current support needs, and, very importantly, focus on their development. We listen carefully to our residents and their families, so that we can learn and tailor our service to them. We carefully consider everything, from their life history and experiences, to their daily habits and hobbies. We encourage and support everyone in our care to take an active role in the running of the homes and the wider organisation, wherever possible.

Our colleagues are trained to deliver a wide range of support, including: intimate and personal care, supporting behaviour that can be challenging, developing independence and confidence, supporting positive relationships and communication.

The Community Network

A picture containing person, wall, indoor, table Description automatically generatedThe Community Network is Warrington Community Living’s domiciliary supported living network. We provide a variety of support to those who may be older, have learning disabilities, physical disabilities and associated mental health needs. The people who use this service are those who wish to live their lives with the greatest self-sufficiency possible and to take their place as active citizens in the community.

Each person we support has an individualised support plan that they have helped to put together. We base this on the individual’s life history, interests, personality, wants and needs. Because of this flexibility, this service is ideal for people who do not neatly fit into boxes, and whose needs are complex or particular to them. It is also ideal for people who are using, or who might like to work towards using a personalised budget.

This service can be delivered in the person’s own home, out and about in the community or in educational and work settings. Depending on the needs of the individual and their families, we can offer 24/7 support, allocated slots throughout the day, or shorter activity-based periods.

Contact number: 01925 246870
Contact email: [email protected]

Lucklaw and Twiss Green Lane

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Lucklaw and Twiss Green Lane are two small residential homes that each offer a long-term home to people with learning and physical disabilities and may have been classified as having profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). When there are vacancies, the rooms can also be used as somewhere for short breaks away from a permanent home elsewhere.

Respectively located in specially adapted bungalows, one in Culcheth and the other in the Burtonwood area of Warrington, both have homely environments and nice gardens that give the people that live there a truly personal experience of support and adult life in their own home, while living in the company of a small group of other people.

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Each person has their own bedroom and shares communal facilities for cooking, dining, personal care, relaxing and pursuing home-based leisure activities, as well as enjoying the shared use of the pleasant gardens. They are encouraged to bring their own property and furniture with them and are actively encouraged to decorate and personalise their own rooms however they like. A wide range of food and drinks are bought specifically for the people that live there in accordance with their own tastes and preferences, too.

Contact number: 01925 230474
Contact email: [email protected]

Twiss Green Lane
Contact number: 01925 766982
Contact email: [email protected]