Westleigh is a GOOD service say CQC

The overall rating given by CQC is - Good            

Are services at this location safe? - Good                      
Are services at this location effective? - Good                     
Are services at this location caring? - Good                       
Are services at this location responsive? – Good               
Are services at this location well-led? - Good 

This is what the inspectors said about Westleigh:

 "Staff had been recruited using safe recruitment procedures to ensure they were of good character and fit to work with people who used the service" People who used the service told us they felt safe. One person said: "I would talk to the manager if anyone hurt me. I feel very safe".

One person told us: "The staff are here 24 hours and there is always someone to help you". Another person told us: "If I need anyone in the night there are staff on. That helps me to feel safe too". The inspector said "We saw that staff were available to people when they needed them. Staff told us and we saw that they were able to spend quality time with people chatting or engaging in activities. The registered manager told us there were flexible shifts which meant that staff would be rostered to work when people needed them, for example, to support people with health appointments or social activities".

One person told us: "Staff know me very well. I can tell them what I want" People told us that they were supported by staff who were effective in their role. One person told us: "Staff know what they are doing they are brilliant".

One staff member told us: "There is always room for reflective practice". The same staff member told us: "I did my Level 3 apprenticeship here and now I am an 'I-Care 'ambassador and volunteer for Skills for Care, talking to people about the opportunities within the caring profession".

One person told the inspector, "The staff at Westleigh have saved my life, they took me to the Doctors and then to the hospital when I was poorly". Another person told us: "If I need a doctor there's no problem. I'm looked after very well".

We saw people received health care from other agencies such as an optician and dentists. One person told us: "I can talk to staff when I feel down they listen to me and it helps me". This meant that people were being supported to remain healthy with the appropriate heath care.

People told us they were treated with dignity and respect. One person told us: "This is the best home in the world and we have the best manager. I don't want to leave". Another person told us: "The staff are lovely they care very much". We observed that interactions between people and the staff were based on a mutual respect and understanding. Staff told us that there were no rules or restrictions. A member of staff told us: "This is people's home; they can do what they like".

We saw that people were encouraged to be as independent as possible. One person told us: "I decide what I want to do and I go out every day to the village. It's great here".

People who used the service told us they liked the registered manager and that she was approachable. One person told us: "The manager is a good one, She is doing stuff properly". Another person told us:

"Michelle is the best manager". We saw that the registered manager made herself available to people with an open office door and people freely came to talk to her.

Staff we spoke with told us that the registered manager was supportive and approachable and they had confidence that any concerns they raised would be dealt with. One staff member told us: "She is a lovely manager, very much for the residents". There was an inclusive ethos demonstrated throughout the service.

The Manager is thrilled at the report and is very proud of the people who live there and the team who work there for their contributions as a whole. It is a particular proud moment for everyone involved because of the improvements that were made to the service since the last inspection and how they have been recognised and felt by all concerned.

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