Warrington Disability Awareness Day (DAD)

Warrington Disability Awareness Day (DAD)

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Warrington Community Living set up another creative and enjoyable experience at this years DAD 

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When thinking about this year’s event we asked our Bespoke group what was important to them, what kind of messages they wanted to give out at this years DAD.  Bespoke is a group of people we support who help make key decisions within the organisation. As a result of talking to them WCL’s aim for the day was to help the people we support to 

  • Raise awareness of the importance and  recognition  of feelings

  • Celebrate the importance of families and recognise how they can support each other 

Norman who lives at Heathside Mews has dementia and he reflected on a time when he felt happiest and he said that it involved been at the seaside and playing games such as hook a duck. We all reflected and could all remember happy times associated with these things so we decided we would recreate that at DAD. 

We played hook a duck with feelings, the people at Dad really enjoyed hooking their duck and flagging up their feelings in our Giant Sandcastle. 

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As a second activity we wanted to help people to think about themselves and their families and share some key point with each other. AT WCL all colleagues and all of the people we support have a ‘One Page Profile’ this identifies 

  • ‘What is important to me’

  • ‘What are my best qualities’

  • ‘how best to support me’ 

We thought this format would be really good for families to complete with each other so we brought along the equipment to make mini profiles in a fridge magnet. The people who took part felt it was a lovely activity which helped them highlight what was important to each other and how best to support each other if they were having a bad day.

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In total we had about 400 people take part in an activity on our stall and a lot more engaging with us. We felt we got the messages out that the people we support asked us and we had lots of fun and enjoyable moments whilst doing so.

Lots of the people we support came along to DAD to enjoy the day and of course they popped in to see us and join in our activity.

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