Warrington Community Living at DAD 2016

Warrington Community Living at DAD 2016

This year the people we support wanted us to raise awareness of what dignity means and how important trust was. We then asked them to think of creative ideas to give us a theme to make our stall interesting so we can get our message out to as many people as possible and they agreed that this years theme would be ‘Windmills’

So that is what we did…

The Dignity Windmill


We gave people a challenge to pick a tulip

Picking Tulips

 And then to consider an aspect of dignity which were ‘Privacy’ ‘Choice’ ‘Control’ or ‘Independence’ In order to help the visitors to our stall understand dignity a little bit more and how important it is to us all we asked them to tell us one thing that was important to them that they had control or choice over or something they wanted to do independently without interference e of others or important times in the day when they felt they needed privacy.  This is some of the things they said


The other activity on our stall was a craft activity which was making ‘Trust Twirlers’

Trust Tulip

Whilst making these trust twirlers we asked people to tell us what trust meant to them, some of the answers we got included; honesty, confidentiality, openness, thoughtfulness and plenty of other ideas. We also asked our visitors to consider what might break trust and they said; lies, gossiping, hiding things, dishonesty etc. These conversations really helped us to get people thinking about the importance of trust.

We had over 200 visitors to our stall so we really feel we achieved what the people we support asked us to do, which was to raise awareness of dignity and the importance of trust. A good fun day was had by all of us and all of our visitors and we look forward to planning our stall ready for next year.


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