Warrington Community Living Are Getting Greener

Warrington Community Living Are Getting Greener

Warrington Community Living has signed up to have solar panel installed at The Mews. The Mews is one of our homes for older people with dementia. It is one of our newer buildings but this upgrade will make it even greener. This upgrade is just the start of our quest to become greener. Soon we will be implementing ‘Green Champions’ in all services.

 Michael Sheppard, Chief Executive of Warrington Community Living said,

“As a local charity providing essential services and support to residents we have faced substantial increases in our energy costs over the last few years. LiveWire Community Energy will install the solar panels at no cost to the charity and in return we will benefit from lower energy bills as well as helping to meet our commitment to the environment. We also support the reinvestment of any surpluses to make a difference in the local communities of Warrington.”

The picture above shows Michael promoting the new initiative with colleagues from Livewire Community Energy and Warrington Borough Housing.

Please have a look at the website of LWCE to read more about the opportunities available www.livewirecommunityenergy.org.

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