Volunteer Award

We have nominated Aden because he is a super volunteer and has many special qualities, most obvious one being his enthusiasm and smile.

Aden has been presented with lots of challenges in his efforts to become a valuable member of the team and he takes these challenges head on and has made an immense effort to overcome them so he can really make a difference to the residents. What he overcomes personally to enable him to be such an effective volunteer is inspiring. Aden has a lovely cheeky nature with the staff and a polite and friendly attitude with the residents.

Aden is housekeeping volunteer and commits 3 days a week to Heathside residential home in Penketh. He is totally reliable and committed to the people who live at Heathside. He gets involved with all aspects of housekeeping (including the messy jobs). He will often stop for a chat and to make a cuppa for one or more of the residents.  The difference he makes to an individual by having a little bit of time and through his lovely manner is lovely to see. One of the residents said he deserves a reward for his ‘tea and smile his happiness is infectious’.

Aden’s enthusiasm goes beyond his scheduled volunteering days he also make extra effort to add value to the lives of the people who live at Heathside by getting involved and helping to make celebrations and special events run smoothly and bringing his own interests into the home and sharing them.

Aden is keen to contribute to the team and makes time for everyone he has become an asset and a friend to all who work and live at Heathside. He deserves an award not just for the time he gives and the difference he makes but also for the fact that it has meant a lot of self-development, reflection and commitment above and beyond what you would expect to enable him to do this.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish him luck at the event on the 4th November; we hope he enjoys the evening as he deserves it.

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