Running For WCL

Running For WCL

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We had over 30 runners dedicate their time and energy in to raising money across a number of running events culminating in the big English Half Marathon weekend here in Warrington

Crudens Girls

We had many first time ever runners who really put themselves out there and went from zero to hero taking part in the 5k night Run, they all finished the race and enjoyed every moment, well maybe not ever moment but they definitely enjoyed that feeling as they crossed the finish line!

 Sb Mb2

Then we also had our 10k and half marathon runners some who ran with ease with some very impressive finishing times and some who were little slower but never gave up.David And Andy

No matter what the distance or what the finishing times it takes a great deal of training, effort and determination to get to the finish line. It was a super atmosphere again on the Sunday and a great day for everyone.

Joe And KennyPatrick And Others

Also lets not forget the people who volunteered to make sure we were all suitably refreshed and had a place to meet in our marquee and also those who came along to cheer both offering a friendly face and lots of encouragement before during and after the race.

 Sb Ank

It has been a great success and so far this year from our running events we have raised a superb


This is an amazing start towards our £10,000 well being gardens target. We are still receiving sponsorship monies so hopefully the figure will continue to rise.


A big thank you to all our Runners, Colleagues and Partners

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