Maureen Visits Cornonation Street

Maureen Visits Cornonation Street

Maureen is an avid Coronation Street fan and rarely misses an episode. So when she seen the opportunity to visit the street itself she just couldn’t miss it. Maureen worked hard with Laura who helped her plan the big day out.

Maureen overcame her anxieties to attend a tour of Coronations Street and she was determined to make the most of the day.

Maureen said

 “The things I enjoyed the most on my trip to Coronation Street were seeing the street, knocking on the Duckworth’s front door”…

“… I also loved seeing all the wedding dresses especially Carla’s and the rest of the props and costumes were fab”…

“….It was great to go behind the bar in the Rover's it's just a shame I couldn't have a pint of Guinness!!”  

The day was a great achievement and a great success with Maureen enjoying her day out and then kindly sharing her joy with the rest of us.

Caroline Davies Service Manager at Radcliffe Meadows said “it is credit to Maureen and the people who support her that this trip was made possible. Maureen had a great determination to make this happen and that was fantastic to see”.

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