Marathon Heroes Running for WCL

Marathon Heroes Running for WCL

On Sunday Patrick Christie who used to be part of our admin. team and now works for our IT consultants at Hudson Hill

Last Straight

and Stewart Archdale who is our Insurance Broker from DE Ford ran the Rock n Roll Marathon in Liverpool.


Stewart and Patrick didn’t just decide to do their bit they decided to give their ALL!! As you can imagine training to run a distance of 26 miles is not something you take on lightly it takes a lot of time, dedication and determination. Not only did they run, they did it in Style . Patrick completed it in 4hrs and 5 minutes and Stewart managed it in just 4 seconds under the 4 hour mark – hugely impressive for people who have never run a marathon before, it was an amazing achievement.


Stewart said “I’d love to say I had a fantastic time but to be honest it was exhausting!!! That said, I’m really pleased to have done it!”

Apparently Patrick used the unique training technique of egg and spoon training to help get him ready on the big day!

 Egg And Spoon Practice

We are not commenting further on this method or the likely impact it had on his performance but you can’t argue with 4 Hours!

Patrick and Stewart where supported by their families, friends, work colleagues and organisations in their fundraising attempts and between them have so far managed to raise nearly £800 with donations still coming in. We would like to thank them and the people who sponsored them for such a valiant effort.

This is a massive kick start for our Well Being Garden campaign and much appreciated. We know how hard they worked to raise these funds and we will ensure they are spent wisely and the people we support get the maximum benefit they can from it. Its not to late if you want to sponsor them just follow the links below:

Patrick Christie: Hudson Hill

Stewart Archdale: DE Ford

A Massive personal achievement, congratulation to both of you!!

If you would like to read more about our campaign or make a donation towards it please follow the link below:

Or perhaps you’d like to join us in our next fundraising running event?

You maybe thinking I’d like the challenge of a run but maybe not that quite far. We will be putting in what looks like our biggest ever running team to this year’s English Half Marathon in Warrington on September 17th. In addition to the half marathon, there is also a 10k, a 5k and a 1 mile event so something for everyone, So, if you or someone you know feels inspired by Patrick and Stewart, please contact Elaine Cleary via [email protected] or on our main telephone number and she can sort that out for you/them. We can get discounted entry rates and indeed, the 10k is no longer open to the general public but we still have guaranteed places available as a local charity.  

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