English Half Marathon - 20th September 2015

That time of year is here again. Following the success of last year’s Warrington Community Livings entrance in the English Half Marathon we are keen to involve as many partners as possible in this year’s event as possible. We hope to have a keen team of WCL colleagues for you to run beside led of course by our resident runner and CEO Michael Sheppard.


There is again opportunity to run the big  ‘Half Marathon’ but for those of us who feel that is a little bit too ambitious just now, there is of course the ‘10k’ run. Running in either race is a big achievement and WCL value your commitment and contribution regardless of the distance you choose.

As you are aware we are a local charity and as a not-for-profit organisation all of its our income is invested in the delivery and development of the services we provide and we have a proud history of making a real difference to the lives of people who can often be excluded from their own communities.

Much of our work is funded by fee income from the local authority and the NHS. However, the development of new services and premises and the daily added value we offer to the people who use our services, relies heavily upon the charity’s voluntary income and reserves.

We are raising money at this year’s English Half Marathon vehicles and transport for the people we support. This will assist the people we support with their social engagement, independence and involvement.  This is added value to the lives of the people we support on top of what can be supplied through contractual arrangements.   This can make a massive difference in their lives and assist them to remain active citizens within their community and beyond. Thank you.



This year we are offering to pay half of the cost for your entry. Therefore your reduced entry fee for the half marathon will be £10 and for the 10k run it will be £7.50. All you have to do is go to the EHM website and register as normal. When you get to the payment page enter the promotional code (Supplied on Request Via Elaine Mullen) and the discount will be applied. 

                                                           EHM3 On top of this when you register to run for WCL you will receive a Warrington Community Living running vest to wear on the day and will have use of the WCL hospitality tent. This sounds posher than it will actually be, but useful features will include cover in the event of very hot or wet weather, a place to leave things reasonably safely, free food and drink, helpful and grateful supporters and very importantly chairs and a place to meet family and friends for after the run! All we ask in return is that you commit to raise at least £10 in sponsorship.

If you want to enter please fill complete the online registration at https://www.raceit.com/Register/?event=30766 and then let Elaine know you have registered. We need to order t-shirts and you need time to receive your pack from EHM so please register with EHM and return this form to us as soon as possible (places may run out) but at the latest by 30th July as registration closes on this date

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