CQC 53 Twiss Green Lane

Recently appointed Service Manager Robert McGuire and the team are disappointed with the overall outcome of the report and will continue to strive hard to review the areas highlighted by the CQC. We will also continue to build on some of the excellent practice and care noted in the report. Some of the positive comments are highlighted below:

Is the service safe?

 The team manager told us that no accident or incidents had occurred at the service since our last inspection. The premises were clean and well maintained. The required safety checks on the home's gas, electrics, moving and handling equipment and fire safety arrangements had all been undertaken. We saw that people had personal emergency evacuation information in place that described the support they would need to evacuate safely in an emergency situation.

Is the service effective?

 There was a light hearted family atmosphere and people who required help from staff to eat their meals, were supported patiently and discreetly. One person told us that staff organised for them to enjoy their favourite meal out at a local restaurant each month and another person told us the food was good and they always got a choice.

We saw that people had health passports in place. Health passports contain information about the person and their health needs. They are designed to share information with other healthcare professional about the person's needs if they are admitted to hospital. This was good practice and ensured that healthcare professionals had accessible information about people's needs on admission.

Is the service caring?

 People we spoke with said staff  were kind and caring. One person told us "I am very close to certain staff members but all staff are nice". During our visit we saw that people were relaxed and comfortable around staff members. There was a warm and homely atmosphere and it was obvious that people who lived at the home and staff members knew each other well and had genuine affection for each other.

Is the service responsive?

 All of the people we spoke with told us the support provided by the service was good and that staff were nice. We found that people's care needs were met in a personalised and individual way. People's needs were assessed on admission to the home and care plans were created to advise staff how to care for them. Staff had personalised guidance on how to meet a person's needs in respect of their personal care, nutrition, night care, social interests and some of their health needs. People's care plans included formation on people's individual preferences, their life before they moved to the home and how they liked to be cared for. The staff kept daily care notes and these showed that care plans were followed and people's preferences were considered.

 Is the service well led?

  •  We found the management team at the service to be open and transparent. They acknowledged the issues raised and took on board our feedback.

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