Our Objective

At Warrington Community Living, we have a set of strategic objectives that drive the organisation forward. These help us to continue to develop and continue to deliver on our promise to the people we support. A summary of these objectives is provided here:

Customer Care

To deliver high-quality services that support people using our services to be well and to thrive

Workforce Development

To ensure we can deliver high-quality services through an efficient, informed and motivated workforce

Financial Sustainability

To achieve financial sustainability through good stewardship and development

Compliance and Quality

To meet and where possible exceed all legal requirements and regulations and to demonstrate the quality of our services


To ensure that the welfare of the people we support, of colleagues and of others involved with WCL is properly safeguarded


To present a positive image of the organisation and its work and develop strong partnerships

Fairness and Diversity

To ensure that as an organisation supporting disabled and older people and people with mental health issues that we model fairness and the valuing of diversity in all of our practices


To maintain and develop high-quality environments for the delivery of our services that are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner


To meet our obligations as a registered charity and ensure strong and supportive governance of the organisation