Coronavirus Statement

September 2020

Please click here for our most recent visitation guidance.

As a care provider and employer, the safety of the people we support and our colleagues is of paramount importance. During these unprecedented times, Warrington Community Living is doing everything we can to play our part in helping to delay and contain the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

We have taken proactive and comprehensive measures including the formation of a dedicated Coronavirus Response Group who are working to ensure our charity has the correct protocols in place to respond to the changing nature of this situation. To ensure we can continue to deliver care and support throughout this outbreak, we have worked extensively to create contingency plans to manage the impact of the virus across all of our services.

To support our colleagues during this period,  are delivering regular updates to all colleagues and we have created a dedicated Coronavirus Resource Folder for colleagues to access, this is being consistently updated with the latest information and guidance.

We have taken huge efforts to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus across our charity including deep cleaning of all our homes, minimising all face-to-face meetings and travel and using only digital training methods. Adhering to government guidance, we had instructed all office-based colleagues and those not essential to delivery to work from home to enable us to continue to provide essential support to our charity. Following government guidance we have now adapted our central office to make COIVD safe and we have began to reintroduce colleague to the office gradually.

As the situation has developed, we  made the difficult but necessary decision to issue new visitor guidance limiting all but emergency visitors to all of our residential services. As an organisation we have not taken this decision lightly, but we have to do everything we can to prevent infection amongst those people who are particularly vulnerable. We have sending letters out to relatives over the next week for timesaving we are using digital records so we apologise if you don’t receive one or receive one in error. All guidance will also be put on our website. 

We will continue to review advice from the Government, NHS and public health bodies and will update on our website with any major changes, so people we support, families and friends can keep up to date with our response.

For anyone connected to a Warrington Community Living i.e. relative, colleagues, someone we support who has further questions about our response to Coronavirus, please contact us on [email protected], we will endeavour to get you the information you seek.

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In light of the most recent national lockdown, the guidance in Warrington has now been updated and contact visits will cease immediately. Here's everything you need to know.


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