Older People Support Services

Our services for older people are built around the people we support. The staff are recruited and trained to be able to positively support older people in a number of different ways and where necessary additional training will be undertaken to make sure we can properly support individuals to stay well and happy. We work closely with the social workers, health workers and specialist organisations from across the North West to make sure we understand how to provide the best support we can possibly offer. Most importantly we listen carefully to our residents and their families so that we can learn and improve from their feedback and experiences.

Ryfields Retirement Village


Ryfields Village is an extra care housing scheme and is a partnership between Your Housing Group who own and manage the property, Warrington Community Living who manage the care, support and housekeeping services and Warrington Borough Council. The Village is a development of properties for retired people in Warrington. Warrington Community Living offer support on site over a 24 hour period for those who need it.

If you choose to live at Ryfields you can be confident that we will work with you to understand your current and possible future support needs with the focus being on you as an individual. This means we will value you as a person; we will get to know your personality and your likes and dislikes and we will recognise and appreciate your skills, experiences, knowledge and interests.

Warrington Community Living colleagues offer on-site 24 hour support service that is both reliable and trustworthy. We are able to positively support individuals in a number of different ways, this ranges from providing the back up of the 24 hour care call service for if and when you may need it, up to a full personalised package of care for those who need it on a regular basis.

Ryfields Village, Orford, 01925 582594, ryfields.village@wcliving.org.uk

Ryfields Village is Good in all areas according to CQC

For the latest CQC Report for Ryfields click on the link http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-2238982161

Heathside and Heathside Mews 

Heathside and Heathside Mews share the same site and care home manager but are separate homes, with different features and atmospheres to suit different styles of living.  They both provide a home for older people who need the support and safety of a shared living environment, where reliable and trustworthy personal assistance is readily available. This can either be as a permanent new home, or for short breaks.

On Honiton Way in Penketh, Heathside and Heathside Mews are at the heart of this local community in West Warrington and is just across the road from a number of very useful local resources such as shops and cafes, a bank, the Post Office, the library and it is situated right next door to the excellent local health centre.

People who choose to live here can be confident that we will respect their individuality, understand their current and possible future support needs, but also very importantly focus on their life history and achievements and the contribution that they may still enjoy making to others and their community. Moving into a residential home should wherever possible be a positive choice and we aim to encourage the people who live here to keep on enjoying their lives to the full.

Registered for people who are classed as Elderly Mentally Infirm (EMI) support, Heathside Mews and Heathside are specially designed for people who may need additional support as a result of dementia or a learning disability and other forms of additional needs.

Heathside Mews  was built only a few years ago, with en-suites bedrooms, lots of space and safe, pleasant gardens, to offer the best possible living environment. Heathside on the same site has individual bedrooms, shares the communal gardens with Heathside Mews and has its own communal spaces for recreation, dining and of course personal care.

We recognise that moving into a residential home is not an easy decision and is often not one that people take lightly so we do everything we possibly can to make the people who live with us feel comfortable.  We will work with you to make sure this is a personal service, and as close to your own home as we can possibly make it when one is living together with other people. Residents are encouraged to bring their own property and furniture with them, are welcome to decorate and personalise their own rooms and are consulted on all activities, decisions and changes within the home including what colours to paint the walls and what flowers to put in our gardens. We have a wide range of food and drinks on our menus and our catering team are always happy to meet special requests and needs wherever possible.  At both homes we encourage people of all ages from the local community to get to know their neighbours, at Heathside Mews and we have built up strong links with schools and other local organisations to encourage people to feel welcome to come and spend time in the home to share stories and experiences and to join in on fun and learning based activities.

We encourage our residents to get out and about whenever possible and in some cases extra staff support can be organised to help to maintain links outside of the home and to go and enjoy activities that are important to the individual such as meeting friends, going to the pub, the cinema, a local history talk or even the bookies to place a flutter on the horses.

Heathside, Honiton Way, Penketh, 01925 722109, heathside@wcliving.org.uk

Heathside Mews, Honiton Way, Penketh, 01925 790596, mews@wcliving.org.uk

For the latest CQC report for Heathisde Mews please click on the link below:


For the latest CQC report for Heathside please click on the link below: